Taking a Breather

As I imagined, I am out for this month.  I started my cycle yesterday, making last month's timeline a perfect 28-days.  Which would be great if I were going for a perfect cycle, but since I'm going for pregnancy, I'm not so thrilled.

I think I'm going to take this month off from "trying."  I'm not going to "not try," just not "try," if that makes any sense at all.  I'm not going to take Femara or use OPKs.  I am going to keep taking my temperature - and hopefully there will be some baby dancing in there - but taking a breather sounds positive at this point.  

Some exciting news:  sh/cm and I are partners!  Well, at least for the purposes of his work insurance.  He thinks he can get me covered through his new job, which would put me back online with Kaiser and their nice reproductive center.  I'm looking forward to taking this game up a notch.  

And sh/cm will be testing his swimmers next week too.  Stay tuned.

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