I will truly be "Between" two places tomorrow, as sh/cm and I drive from the Bay Area up to Eugene, Oregon where my entire family resides.  The Ducks won their football game against Cal tonight, so the weekend is getting off to a fabulous start!

I ran around doing tons of errands today: volunteered at Interplay; bought fun gifts for the niece/nephew and little cousins; picked up snacks and chocolate chips for the cookies I made tonight for the trip.  Oh yeah, and I also bought fresh pineapple! ;-)

Just a bit more packing in the morning, pick up some bottles of California wine with sh/cm, and we'll be off!

As a side note, my mother wrote me the warmest email she's ever written, inviting us to their place for dinner when we get into town tomorrow evening and asking if that is the way I would like to start the weekend, introducing sh/cm to my family and to Eugene.

I'm not explaining adequately, but it was sweet. . . and quite unusual for my generally luke-warm mother (I don't know if I've shared this here, but my birth mom passed away when I was four, and my Dad remarried my current Mom the following year. We've never had what I would consider a typical or close mother/daughter relationship.).


  1. I'm glad that your mom is reaching out. That sounds like a promising start to the weekend also. Be careful traveling and have a wonderful trip!