Ups and Downs

Brief ttc report:  several tenth temperature rise this morning, so it looks likely that ovulation occurred yesterday.  I saw a light line on the OPK (you know, the one I wasn't going to use?) on Friday and an even lighter one yesterday morning, so the LH "surge" likely happened late in the day Friday.  I only tested in the morning, though, so I'm not sure.

Bad news report:  my car was towed from the BART parking lot yesterday afternoon because of an event held there.  There were definitely no signs there as warning, and from talking with other people during the ordeal of getting our cars out of the towing lot to the tune of $400 (extortion!), there were no signs until an hour or two prior to when they started towing.  This sounds illegal to me!

Anyway, one of the unlucky folks in our predicament gathered all our names and says she will be filing some sort of legal action.  I'm definitely going to follow up as this is beyond unjust.  If sh/cm hadn't been there to help me, I would not have had the resources to bail my poor car out of the pokey and would then have continued to be charged a fee each day until I could do so!


  1. that sounds like crap. They can't put up a sign just an hour or two before (unless it's a one-hour parking zone) and then tow you and charge you. That's just not right. I hope someone does challenge it! What a bunch of stress that you don't need!

  2. Boo!!! I got towed once about 10 years ago. Luckily, my parents bailed me out. :( I agree, that does sound illegal, and I am glad that someone in your group is filing a claim against them.

  3. That totally sucks! Wow- $400? Years ago a car was towed when a group of us went downtown. It cost $75 to get the car back and I thought that was bad. I'm sorry it happened to you.