I cheated. . . and other news

I cheated.

Without much forethought, I noticed the day of my cycle yesterday, and this morning took an OPK.  Remember when I said I wasn't going to do that this cycle?  ha!

Oh well.  I guess I'm still mildly interested in tracking ovulation and timing our efforts this month.

It was negative, btw.  But tomorrow, I imagine you just may find me testing again.

And now, for some random ttc reports:

On the supplement front, I am noticing some increased acne, mainly on my chin, and more hair falling out - both of which were listed in the potential side effects of taking DHEA.  Overall, it's tolerable.

Wondering if I would be wise to start taking progesterone.  I saw the Mariah Carey interview with Barbara Walters the other night, and she mentioned that progesterone can reduce miscarriage by 50 percent.  I have been thinking that since my temperature has a nice, high, sustained rise after ovulation, that indicates my levels are good.  But maybe I'm wrong?

And sh/cm's sp.erm analysis came back yesterday.  All looks well:  the count was 40 million with about 50 percent motility, which I guess is pretty good.  They didn't test morphology, though, and I'm wondering how big a role that can play.  I did read that morphology is connected to count and motility, so that would indicate it might be decent, as well.

One final note:  I started a new 8-week school session yesterday, and I love the teacher with whom I'll be working!  He seems to have a great relationship with the kids and an active classroom management style.  And the kids are more advanced and engaged with learning than the last school too!


  1. That's interesting about the side effects of the DHEA. I was thinking of taking it, but I read that women with excess androgens (which I have because of my PCOS) shouldn't take it. I already have trouble with my hair falling out, so I definitely think I should be staying away from it!

    As for the progesterone, I'm not sure how good an indicator temperature is for what one's levels are. I think it might be worth looking into, for your own peace of mind.

  2. Your TTC has me inspired. I wish I could get T to commit to doing this with me. It will happen soon for you two, though. Can't wait to get the news! :)

  3. I went to one RE who said women over 35 should definitely have a lot of progesterone support. He recommended suppositories 3 times a day from after ovulation until your pg test.

    I highly recommend it.

  4. I firmly believe that the addition of progesterone this cycle (IUI #3) is the main reason that I finally got a BFP. The first two IUIs I thought I might be pregnant, but then the symptoms decreased prior to a pregnancy test. This cycle, two days after my IUI, I started progesterone suppositories twice a day. It can't hurt to at least discuss the idea with your doctor.