Coming to an End

This two-week-wait is coming to an end.

I'm at 13 dpo.  My cycle starts religiously on 14 dpo.  Today and yesterday, my temperature was 98.2, after dipping to 97.9 on Saturday.  This is a similar patterns to last month, however, but the dip was bigger.

Anyway, I've been emotional the last couple of days and tired, getting more tired by the minute.  I'm worried about teaching career exploration tomorrow - wish me luck!

And today, I had a bit of period-like cramping in the lower left side of my abdomen, and a bit of tan spotting when I went on my walk.  It seems too late for this to be implantation-related.

I'm thinking these signs come to a sum total of PMS and the beginnings of my period.  I'll let you know when things become more clear.  Testing will not be on my agenda unless I make it through tomorrow. . .

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