Emotional Ride

Today was split between stress and pleasure, tension and ease.

It started nicely enough at the "Hole in the Wall" restaurant for an early breakfast with sh/cm, my 91-year-old Grandpa, cousin, cousin's husband, and two little kids.

Afterwards, though, sh/cm and I had tension come up around this trip and expectations around roles and support.  He was wanting more appreciation and ease, and I was wanting more support and understanding (I wish spending time with family was nothing but sunshine and roses but that's not the case.).

The hike we took - a great workout and set among old growth trees, lush ferns, moss. and creeks - left me annoyed by sh/cm trying too hard to engage and be funny, in my opinion.  I didn't want to feel that way, but I did.

But, we actually had a conversation about it and tonight's participant-created sushi dinner at my sister's house was easeful, warm, and joyous.  Good food and a feeling of support and being "on the same wavelength" with sh/cm.


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  1. Don't we all wish that "spending time with family was nothing but sunshine and roses"? Life would be so much easier- spoken by the woman who speaks to her family about three times a year. I'm sorry that there was unexpected tension with your guy around needs during this trip. Hopefully the rest of the trip will go well.