Way up in the sky, the little birds fly. . .

I sang the song below for my niece and nephew a few times over the past couple days.  It met my need to be seen, and their need for entertainment.  

Today's agenda:  strolling around downtown Eugene and eating breakfast at the 5th Street Market; matinee showing of "Powerball"; walking along the Willamette River and heavy discussion of personality differences/comfort levels with one another in different contexts; pizza parlor replete with carousel ride for the kiddies and lots of pineapple on my salad and pizza ;-).


  1. I used to sing this one every morning when I was a camp counselor! Too funny!

  2. Okay I can honestly say I don't know that one! Hmmm...do you think I should learn it!

  3. Michaela - I totally think you should learn it! It's fun to sing! :)
    SIF - I learned it as a camp counselor too, up in Seattle. Must be popular at lots of camps! :)