Success and Enlightenment

OMG!  Blogger just ate a long post with several links.  Aaaaargh!

Maybe the universe is telling me something.

In brief: great day yesterday, which included a successfully facilitated Transition Heart and Soul meeting at my house and an enlightening conversation with sh/cm.

In my meeting, I facilitated a Theatre of the Oppressed exercise in which we created images or tableaus of the Transition movement.

And in my conversation with sh/cm, we came to a couple of key understandings, including that I wanted us to be on the same page when we came out of family gatherings.  I wanted us to be supportive of one another, share humor and commentary, and just generally have a feeling of togetherness.

This may sound like a tall order, but he was actually relieved, because he thought I wanted him to be some sort of family therapist for me. lol

p.s. On the two-week-wait front, nothing much is happening.  My temperature dropped several tenths to 97.9 today, 11 dpo, but it was chilly and I was partially covered.  Boobs are still sore but not feeling much of anything else.

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  1. I think I would cry if Blogger destroyed a whole post I had already linked up! So annoying!

    As for day 9 - are you planning on peeing on a stick soon, or just waiting it out?