Car Drama and Maybe Baby

Another turn of the wheel and life looks different again.  

I don't think I mentioned that my car disappeared on Saturday.  I parked it in front of my house Friday night, as usual.  The next morning, I must have looked hilarious milling about where the car should be and looking around with a puzzled expression.  

I initially assumed it had been stolen but soon found out otherwise from the Oak.land Pol.ice Dep.artment. . . So I will make an admission at this point:  when I don't see any solution to a situation, sometimes I just throw it off the radar screen, which I did with this situation.  

But only after discovering that, in order to retrieve my TOWED car, I needed to pay my remaining DMV registration balance (I had paid the registration fee but it was late so they tacked on additional fees I was in the process of paying off), pay a police release fee, AND pay the towing yard for towing and storage fees.  Most of which was impossible on the weekend. 

So today as I emerged from my fog of denial, I found out that the towing and storage fees currently stand at $350 and they will add $60 for each additional day of "storage."   Ack!  I told my housemate, then just decided to go to my dog walking gig, as my mind churned about possible solutions but was finding none.  

Then, miracle of all miracles, my housemate offered to help me.  He admitted it was selfish in part because he knew if this situation was not resolved, then rent would get behind and it would affect him too.  But regardless, he is completely awesome and I am incredibly grateful right now.  

He drove me to all three places and paid the fees, and my car is now sitting out front again with a shiny new registration sticker on the back plate.  Thank you, K!!!  I will pay back most of the money he loaned me at the end of the week, but he saved me several hundred dollars in additional fees and more.

And having my car back meant that I could keep my meeting with a new potential co-parent in San Francisco.  This new possibility came up recently.  I will write more about it later, but suffice it to say, I love what I know about these guys so far!  

They are a gay couple, absolutely adorable, who have been together for 10 plus years.  The oldest one is my age, the other one a few years younger, and they are both educated, bright, and athletic.  I totally feel on the same wavelength with the older one I met with today, who would be the donor.  He made me laugh a lot and the whole conversation was relatively comfortable, even when the topics were more difficult (such as finances, custody arrangements, etc.).  

I am taking this a step at a time and promise to share more in the coming weeks, if and when things progress.  

So MAYBE I met the father of my child today!  

Or MAYBE not. . . but it's exciting to consider!


  1. Wow that sucks. I opened my door and my car was gone. It was so early I closed the door and opened it again. Still gone. It was in fact stolen. I did get it back eventually. That was years ago.

  2. Yeah, it's a crazy feeling when you know the car was there and now it's not! Your brain keeps hitting the wall trying to figure it out.