Go ahead with your own life. . .

Here is another hit song from my authentic life soundtrack.

I will always love Billy Joel.  He was the first concert I ever attended, my freshman year of college, and I slept outside the student recreation center at the University of Colorado all night to get tickets.  He has claimed a spot in the soundtrack of my life ever since.

When I need to claim my own choices and stand up for myself, this song fills my well of confidence.  I hope it gives you strength, as well, or at least some entertainment.

My favorite lines:
"I don't care what you say anymore, this is MY LIFE.  Go ahead with your own life, leave me alone."


  1. Well you must be psychic becuase this song fits the day I had, and some unwanted advice about my plans for a second child. When this person shared their unwanted perspective I also thought about Cee-lo's F-you. I do love this song though, it too could be on my life soundtrack.

  2. Sorry you got some unwanted "assvice" today. I love Cee-lo too!