The Magic of Interplay

After all that build up, my interview has been postponed until Thursday.

My cold kicked in to high gear with all the symptoms today, and I decided to call the employer and let them know I was sick.  I said I could definitely still come to the interview, but I think they probably realized I would not be at my best and maybe even wanted to avoid the germs.  Such a relief to reschedule!

I did, however, go to my Interplay Theatre performance tonight, and I'm glad I did!  We had a small but appreciative audience of family and friends.  There were about 10 of us performing, a good mixture of men and women, more and less experienced.  It flew by and I loved all the movement stuff we did, lots of contact improvisation and playful leading, following, and creativity.

At one point, the leader shared a poem about her women friends while three of us women moved and interacted; mirroring one another, spinning and meeting one another hand to hand or shoulder to shoulder, etc.  We received some positive feedback about that and it felt moving to do it.

Funny story: at one point during a more complicated form called "The Suite," and things were getting a bit chaotic.  One woman suggested we go up and do a "side by side story," which I was going to do, but as we started to go up there, my friend KP (who also leads my NVC group!) looked at me and hissed, "We are doing a DT3!," which is another story form.  In all the chaos, we did not realize she and another guy were already on center stage telling a story.  So I grabbed the first woman by the hands and pulled her back, and we ended up going into this long, silly, straight-armed spin.

I guess you had to be there, but it was such a Diva moment when KP said that.

Though nervous about it, I also participated in the speaking forms I'm less confident with, including a couple of three sentence stories (take the center stage and tell a story as you move/dance).  One was about being unemployed and asking for help to pay my car towing fees, and I was able to express gratitude (anonymously) to my housemate K who also does Interplay and was in the room!  Like with so many other things, it seems I gain confidence the more I step through my fear and take action.

Maybe tomorrow I will share about my recent crazy sleeping/waking dreams about time, and also how Sound Healing/Chocolate Man is helping me with my interview.

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