Ding Ding Ding! We May Have a Match!

I got an interview!  For an "Employment Services Representative" at a One Stop Career Center within a college that seems to have many of the characteristics of the "4.0 Career".  The administrator and I have exchanged voicemails and hopefully we will get something on the books tomorrow.  Maybe this is my good-fit job. . . 

Wish me luck!

Excerpt from article:

How The 4.0 Careerist Thinks And Behaves
Here are some ways to assess yourself and your work environment in relation to the rising 4.0 careerist orientation. Assess the extent to which you experience the following in your career and organization:
  • Ability to contributing something positive to people's lives, whether through the product or service, regardless of your status within the company.
  • Opportunities for new learning, continued growth and expanding your skills and competencies.
  • A positive, fun work environment that makes you look forward to going to work.
  • A safe and nontoxic office environment and building, including sufficient natural light, and green equipment and furniture.
  • Open communication and feedback, up and down.
  • A team-oriented, innovative and challenging work culture.
  • Employee recognition and reward programs that are fairly applied.
  • Positive, supportive leadership and management practices, including corporate citizenship, ethics, transparency and corporate responsibility practices.
  • Commitment to diversity in hiring and promotion of employees, including differences of gender, racial/ethnic group, and sexual orientation.
  • Support for workers' well-being, through wellness programs, exercise, stress management, flextime and other programs, not surface gestures like free coffee and soda.