Interview Rapport and Loose Ends

First, I wanted to share that the interview this afternoon went really well!

I liked the woman who interviewed me, my potential future supervisor, a lot.  Based on initial appearances, she seemed to have some soulful qualities:  she was wearing a loose, silky scarf and had an interesting tapestry on the wall.

The questions were straight-forward and didn't include the annoying tricky "test" ones, like "What is your greatest weakness?" or "How would you handle a conflict with your supervisor?"  She just asked questions relevant to the job and my background, and we had a comfortable, warm rapport.

When I asked about the work culture there, she shared quite a bit of information about recent budget changes, the relationship between the two different career centers and respective staffs, and also her thoughts on managing the future dynamics of the team.

And just like on a good date, when the guy talks at the end about the next time you will get together, as I was walking out after the interview she mentioned, "The next time you come here. . ."  Good sign, right?

Tying up loose ends:

Sound Healing/Chocolate Man.  We never Skyped, but we've been emailing.  He was surprisingly supportive around my interview preparation, offering a few helpful reflective questions like, "What three things do you want them to remember about you?" and "What feeling do you want to leave them with?"

On the latter, I decided I wanted to leave them with the feeling that I was qualified and brought added benefits such as a psychology M.A.  And that they would be lucky to have me.  It helped my confidence to focus on that.

In his email this morning, he invited me to go to Sushi next week when he gets back (yay).

The guy from my theatre class who was somewhat aggressive in his invitation to be friends outside of class:  that whole situation ended rather anti-climactically.  He wrote an email asking me to go to coffee and reiterating things he admired about me.  I wrote him back saying I had gotten clear that, while I really enjoyed interacting with him in class and looked forward to continuing, I wasn't interested in being friends with him outside of class at this time, in that way.

He wrote me back thanking me for my clarity and being cool about it.  He said something about how in the past people have hesitated and he assumed it meant no when it didn't, so that's why he was persistent, but he's sorry if he made me uncomfortable.  Interesting.

I kinda want to know more about that other situation he mentioned, just because I'm curious.  I'm thinking whatever it was, that it was an anomaly and not something on which to base an approach to life. . .

My waking/sleeping experiences with time.  I guess I'll just say that I've had dreams lately about being given a challenge or problem to solve and having time constraints/pressures.  And I keep getting distracted in the dream or things take too long and I miss the deadline or, in one dream, the little girl I was supposed to set up the high chair for and feed, gets into graham crackers in the cupboard because she's hungry and I'm taking too long and all this time has passed.

I know I have already shared (a couple times) about how the last week/week and a half has been creeping by. . . but then blocks of time like a couple hours will zoom by really quickly and freak me out.

Sooo, maybe it's about the time crunch I feel to have a kid or get a job, or fears of job performance (which I do have because of difficult ending to last job).  Also, just having a lot more free time right now than people generally have. . . and being in a limbo, in-between things kind of place.

Maybe there are reasons?   But it's still weird.


  1. I was once asked a trick question: When do you feel it's OK to tell a lie on the job? I looked at them like they were crazy and replied, "Never. I don't lie." I didn't get the job.

    Sounds like you're on your way to a new position! GOOD LUCK.

  2. Thank you, Sarah! I appreciate the support!
    Huh, I wonder what they wanted you to lie about? tricky tricksters. :-P