Percolating Emotions

I'm slipping in my NaBloPoMo commitment!  I at least want to log a drive-by post today.  Lots going on emotionally with the sound healing/chocolate man situation.

We talked things through on the phone for a couple of hours last night, which was really good.  We are getting together for lunch on Monday.

He would like to at least be friends and continue to get to know each other right now, and, to that end, we do have a lot in common and really enjoy talking to one another.

But we also have a lot of chemistry.

He's at a Non-Violent Communication weekend training workshop.  My NVC group met yesterday evening and it was helpful to process some aspects of the situation with them.  I got in touch with some anger and hurt, and needs for mutuality and security.  Continuing to percolate. . .

I think our conversation Monday will, at the very least, be interesting!

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